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Bring home the impact of natural disasters

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How would the the earthquakes of the Pacific Rim or the storm surges of the Americas affect Northern Ireland?

This project assists teachers in demonstrating the need for resilience and the implications of natural disasters through local services and surroundings.

OurRagingPlanet is a human impact education tool that allows students to view basic simulations of disasters in their area, using public data to estimate the impact on familiar local landmarks. The web-based tool works on modern desktop and tablet systems.

OurRagingPlanet is funded through the OpenDataNI Education Competition, with thanks to the OpenDataNI team, the Department of Finance and Department of Economy of Northern Ireland for their help and support. This product is not endorsed by any public body. This educational software is not intended to provide accurate simulation of natural phenomena and should not be used to estimate disaster outcomes in susceptible areas..

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  1. Award winning
  2. Unique technology
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  4. Timeline-based


Centre a simulationon your school, town or elsewhere
in Northern Ireland. To help students relate to impact, damage predictions
involve familiar placenames and landmarks


Our interface allows teachers to insert multichoice questions and instructions
into the student interface. Lesson plans give teachers a ready-made structure for
incorporating OurRagingPlanet into natural disaster education.

  • Relating to the
  • human impact of
  • natural disasters
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  • Helping students
  • to understand
  • disaster management
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  • Helps build
  • cross-curricular tasks and
  • map-reading skills
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Students & teachers more back and forward through an event timeline,
seeing a situation develop. This shows newsflashes, social media and teacher-set tasks
to help students build a concept of catastrophe timescales.

Follow the timeline as events unfold

Our tool shows a disaster unfolding and illustrates the progressive loss of services over the course of hours and days.

Contextualize with local data

Familiar landmarks, centres, carparks supplied through public sector open data initiatives are used to show students the human impact of disasters on their own surroundings.

Extend our materials in your own way

Sample lesson plans and in-product learning tools allow you to get started fast, while allowing custom tasks and multichoice to be shown in the interface.


How would the earthquakes of the Pacific RIm
or the Storm Surges of the Americas affect Northern Ireland

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